Kundalini Awakening – All that you need to know.

what is kundalini?

Kundalini represents a vital energy in the body which is situated at the lower end of the spinal cord. It is dormant in its natural form but can be awakened with spiritual practices and yoga.

What is the nature of kundalini?

Hindu yogic texts proposes that the kundalini is situated at the end of the spine in a spiral shape in coiled form.  Human body comprises three energy channels (called as ‘Nadi’) namely Eda,Pingala and Sushumna.

When kundalini starts awakening, it starts moving from bottom of the spine towards the brain through Sushumna.  When it reaches to the brain the person attains the enlightenment.

how to awake kundalini?

Kundalini Awakening can be done in two ways. By doing yogic practices and by shaktipaat from spiritual mentor.

Practice of yoga should be done under the guidance of the guru, as kundalini is a form of energy and its awakening should be done carefully. The experienced yogi can awake and stimulate the kundalini to move upwards. Shaktipaat is another method of awakening kundalini where spiritual mentor uses its own experience and spiritual energy for awakening the kundalini of others. For this to happen, spiritual mentor should be of that high caliber.

what are the Symptoms of kundalini awakening?

1. You may feel an intense and unfamiliar sensation of energy flowing through your spine.

2. You will feel energetic all the way you are awake and your required sleep quota will fall down.

3. You will get meaningful intuitions from your mind and  will start to realize flaws from your life.

4. You will start to experience how physical body is connected with the mind and soul and you will have better control over it.

5. You will lose interest in materialistic things and eventually end up investing your energy in things which will really matter in the end.

6. Your creative power and imaginative thinking will surprisingly increased.

7. You will love the isolation and your own company. You will experience yourself as a mature human.

8. Isolation does not mean avoiding people. You will start to feel compassion for the other living beings.

9. You will have a greater control over your emotions. You will feel happiness and bliss whatever may be the circumstances you are having.

10. You will feel loved without a reason. You will experience the pure love and energy  from the divine.

Kundalini is nothing but a divine energy. It is meant to be unfolded. It is not easy to awake and use but it is also not impossible as it is meant to be unfolded.

Happy Awakening !




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